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In case, you are not familiar with it. Instagram is a mobile application that allows you to make your photos look exactly the way you want them to look so that you can share them on social media or just keep it as a souvenir. In fact, it has become so popular that people almost treat it as a social media site. That is why Facebook acquired it for a billion dollars. Facebook is maintaining it as an independent company, which is not how they traditionally do things. Usually, when they buy a company, they quickly assimilate the staff and discontinue the service.

However, they have decided that they want to continue the services of instagram and it means that there is an opportunity for people to exploit this wonderful resource for their own use. Almost anyone can take advantage of this unique application from a multinational organization to someone who is just starting an online business from his or her sitting room. There is a basic fact about SEO that many people either do not know or choose to ignore is that most search engine algorithms are giving a lot of wattage to the social media presence and exposure when deciding the rank of a page. It means that you do not need only followers to make sure that your pictures are visible on instagram. You need live users who follow you regularly. There are many ways to get real instagram followers cheapreal instagram followers fiverr,  real instagram followers free and it is better that you should have knowledge that how do you know if you are buying real instagram followers.

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Fact-checkers launch Instagram, WhatsApp and telegram stickers to gently warn about false news.

Use some colorful pictures and GIFs to ask family and friends to check their sources and information.

What if Instagram, WhatsApp and telegram had emoticons and GIFs to obviously warn their users concerning false news, false photos and false videos? Well, they don’t. Therefore some fact-checking initiatives around the world developed special stickers to be used instead in these platforms. For now, they appear to be a nice (and colorful) way to tell friends and family they’re spreading low-quality information — and should think twice before sharing content.

Teyit, in Turkey, announced last week a group of 16 purple, green and yellow stickers. Twelve are in Turkish and 4 are bilingual (in English). One, for example, very straightforwardly asks: “What is your source?” Another one shows a pointing finger with a clear word on the top: “Debunked.” And a 3rd sticker is a plain “This is false” sign, something everyone can simply understand.

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