Minecraft is obtaining an AI assistant from Facebook and MIT

The artificial intelligence assistant is being designed to multitask and learn new skills.

Minecraft is obtaining a man-made intelligence assistant, with Facebook and Massachusetts Institute of Technology functioning on the project. The goal is to develop an AI system that can multitask well rather than being “superhuman” at only one activity, MIT Technology Review said Thursday in a blog post.

Minecraft has over ninety million monthly players and just celebrated its tenth anniversary. Additionally coming soon is Minecraft Earth, a Pokemon Go-style ar mobile game, which is currently in beta on iOS and Android.

Facebook research and Massachusetts Institute of Technology researchers are currently functioning on an AI assistant that can interact with players and then perform a bunch of tasks on request. The assistant may also learn from these interactions, and develop new skills. They selected to use the game Minecraft for the project as a result of its “infinite variety” however straightforward and predictable rules.

“The opportunities for an AI to learn are immense,” the blog post said. “Facebook is setting itself the task of designing the AI to self-improve. The researchers assume the Minecraft environment is an excellent one to develop this sort of learning.”

MIT said it’s a difficult process, because even an easy request like “build a tower 15 blocks tall” needs the AI assistant to know what a tower is, how to build one, how to live the height, and to know what fifteen is.
An early version of the AI assistant is already accessible to download.

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